Induced coma for palm tree injury tourist

15.09.2021 - 11:17
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: RÚV
One of the five Icelandic women who was hit by the falling crown of a palm tree on the island of Tenerife this weekend is being held in an induced coma. Her friend who was also seriously injured is being treated at the same hospital, according to RÚV sources.

Five Icelandic women were dining outside a restaurant when the top of the tall tree broke off. The accident occurred at Las Verónicas, by Playa de las Americas, which is well-known to many in Iceland.

Foreign ministry press secretary Sveinn H. Guðmarsson confirms that the ministry and honorary consul in the Canary Islands are assisting. 

Two of the women were badly hurt, according to Diario de Avisos. The two in hospital are both said to be 47 years old. The sicker has many serious injuries, while her friend has injuries to her face and legs. Two women escaped with minor injuries, and one has injuries that are significant but not severe. They were travelling together and not as part of a tour group. 

Palm crown can weigh hundreds of kilos 

The day and night before the accident, the weather had been windy. The Sunday was calm and pleasant, however. The type of palm tree in question can be 7-12 metres tall and their crowns can weigh many hundreds of kilogrammes. It is not entirely clear why or how the tree broke at this stage. 

Vísir quotes one of the women’s husbands as saying a group of three other Icelanders passing by had managed to lift the tree off the women. They were then all rushed to hospital. 

While the women lay there injured, a thief took the opportunity to steal three of their phones.  

Two of the women flew home to Iceland yesterday and one will come back today. 

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