One candidate on two parties’ lists

10.09.2021 - 15:05
Mynd með færslu
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Flokkur fólksins (the People’s Party) has changed its list of candidates in the north-western voting district. The list was changed when it came to light that Ágúst Heiðar Ólafsson, who was second on the list, also appeared on the candidate list for Frjálslyndi lýðræðisflokkurinn (the Liberal Democracy Party) in the northeast.

Ágúst told Austurfrétt yesterday that he appeared on both parties’ lists by mistake and that he is a member of Flokkur fólksins. That party has now dropped him from the candidate list, however.

“The man was on another candidate list. That speaks for itself,” says Inga Sæland, the leader of Flokkur fólksins. “I was just surprised. This is something one has never seen before. I have never seen the same individual sign two confirmation papers,” she says. 

Guðmundur Franklín Jónsson, leader of Frjálslyndi lýðræðisflokkurinn, said yesterday that his party has sorted the problem by replacing Ágúst Heiðar with the leader’s son, Árni Franklín, 14th on the list. He said he was mystified by the working practices of Flokkur fólksins. He said Inga and her party seem to be deliberately working against him and his party, which he formed after Flokkur fólksins apparently broke a promise last year to offer him first place on the South Iceland list for the upcoming election. 

“I was even more surprised at how Guðmundur Franklín reacted,” Inga says. “He came in there as though it was an act of vandalism against his party. I just don’t get that man, in any way, shape or form.” 

Guðmundur says Ágúst had planned to stand for his party until he was offered second place on the Flokkur fólksins list. He was taken off the Frjálslyndi lýðræðisflokkurinn list right away and whatever mistake may have led to him remaining on the list officially does not change that: “I laughed myself silly,” Guðmundur says. “We took him off the list immediately here. We don’t take part in that sort of nonsense.”  

Second place on the northwest Flokkur fólksins candidate list is now Þórunn Björg Bjarnadóttir, a farm worker, who says she was at work when the surprising news came. 

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