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Is the eruption over?

08.09.2021 - 12:44
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It is still too early to say whether or not the Fagradalsfjall volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula has come to an end. The volcano has not erupted new lava since Thursday, however--or around six days.

The volcano has taken extended pauses in recent months, but never before for this long. Volcanic gases are still being emitted by the crater, and the glow of molten lava can still be seen during the hours of darkness.

This is the longest pause in the eruption since it began on 19th March. The previous longest pause was five consecutive days, earlier this summer. 

Bryndís Ýr Gísladóttir, natural hazards specialist with the Met Office, says volcanic eruptions are not formally declared over before all the data show conclusively that activity has stopped. 

“Scientists and the civil protection department will most likely discuss this at some point, and this [decision] will be taken together with other scientists," says Bryndís. 

While the crater has fallen silent, the red glow can still be seen when it is dark. “As well as this, gas is still streaming out of the crater, which indicates there is still magma there,” Bryndís says—adding that the amount of gas coming out seems to be roughly the same as before. 

You can see the crater and lava field live, here. 

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