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Man shot by police in East Iceland

27.08.2021 - 09:17
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Rúnar Snær Reynisson - RÚV
East Iceland police last night shot and injured an armed man in Egilsstaðir. No police officers were injured but the man was transported to Reykjavík for hospital treatment.

Police were called after 22.00 when shots were heard on Dalsel in a residential area of Egilsstaðir. 

Upon arrival, officers ordered the man to put down his gun, but shots were then heard that appeared to come from more than one gun. After this, things went quiet for a short while before police officers set up positions on and around the scene. Shortly afterwards, more shouts and calls were heard, including among armed officers, and then there was another shot and a cry of pain. The man was standing out on the street, in front of a police car, when he was shot. 

The man received medical treatment following the incident and a decision was taken to fly him to Reykjavík. According to RÚV sources, he is alive, but there are no further details on his condition at this stage. 

No police officers were injured, but East Iceland police are not saying any more at this stage. The incident has been passed to the district prosecutor’s office for investigation, as is always the case when police are involved in serious incidents. 

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