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Vaccinated people dissatisfied having to quarantine

26.07.2021 - 20:03
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 Mynd: RÚV
It has proven difficult to perform COVID contact tracing due to the extent of new infections within a short time-frame and because many people who have been vaccinated are very dissatisfied with having to quarantine.

The proportion of positive COVID tests, among those who have been showing symptoms is still among the highest it has been since last winter. Civil protection chief of police, Víðir Reynisson, says that the fewer cases detected yesterday doesn’t mean that infections are declining. “If there had been as many tests yesterday as there normally are, we would have seen higher numbers. It is impossible to draw any conclusions from this just yet.” 

Víðir says that many people are carrying the virus. “This is all over the country. This is different than we have seen in the previous waves. Immediately we are seeing infections all over the country. Before we would see infections in the capital area, then there were group outbreaks shattered around the country but this time it is everywhere.” 

“The contact tracing is progressing slowly,” Víðir says. “People have been visiting many different places. The phone calls we have to make are often quite long because people who have been vaccinated aren’t happy having to quarantine.” 

The contact tracing can’t keep up with the new cases being detected. The chief of police says that if stricter quarantine demands had been implemented earlier it would have been more manageable to trace a part of the infections which have been detected lately. Vaccinations haven’t provided the expected protection. “Due to the large number of vaccinated people who have tested positive, we have no other option than to quarantine everyone.” 

“Almost everyone is showing some symptoms,” says Víðir about those who have tested COVID positive. “Some aren’t affected at all but most are showing some symptoms. Many have diarrhoea. Flu-like symptoms, like fever, are also common but there are few who are completely unaffected.” 

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