56 new COVID-19 cases

21.07.2021 - 13:40
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 Mynd: Landspítalinn
Yesterday, the 20th of July, 56 people in the country were diagnosed with COVID-19 and it is the highest number since October last year. Of those infected, 43 were fully vaccinated and two received a first dose. Eleven have not been vaccinated. Currently, 223 people are in isolation, which is 60 more than yesterday. 84 new persons have been admitted into quarantine, and that makes a total number of 538 people who might have been infected.

Of those 56 diagnosed to carry a SARS-CoV-2 virus, 49 showed symptoms of the infection, the remaining seven were either in quarantine or underwent a random test.

Only one case was diagnosed at the border, while another awaits a test for the presence of the antibodies.

The new 14-days incidence rate per 100.000 inhabitants, domestic is 42.5; while the border cases rate is 16.9.

The day before yesterday, 38 new cases were diagnosed, and it was the largest number this year. Until then, it was on the 18th of April which held the first spot, when 27 incidents were confirmed.

The Civil Protection is encouraging the residents who return from abroad to undergo a voluntary COVID test soon after arrival and to keep a distance from others until the results for the presence of the virus are negative.

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