Claims Icelandic footballer centre of child sex case

20.07.2021 - 10:46
Mynd með færslu
The footballer Gylfi Þór Sigurðsson is believed to have been arrested on Friday evening, accused of sexual assault against a child. The claims are not officially confirmed, but are being carried by and a variety of other media sources outside of the United Kingdom. RÚV sources say the matter is being discussed by leaders of the Icelandic football association, KSÍ, and a press conference may be called later today. KSÍ appears to be taking the matter very seriously.

British media last night reported that a 31-year-old Premiership player, who had been a key player for his country’s national team, had been arrested. The British press did not name the player due to the law in England and Wales that prevents them from doing so. 

The news followed a storm of social media speculation over the weekend about the possible arrest of Gylfi Þór. The matter had not been covered in the press at that point, but broke yesterday evening, without the player being named. Last night, Everton Football Club confirmed that one of its players is under police investigation and is on a leave of absence while the investigation continues. 

This morning, several media outlets outside the UK started to name Gylfi Þór, and is the first Icelandic media source to claim it has confirmed the identity of the player. Neither Everton nor the British police have yet confirmed the news, however. 

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