Investigation evidence leaked to suspects

04.06.2021 - 09:53
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Þór Ægisson - RÚV
Police are investigating how sensitive evidence from an investigation into organised crime ended up in the hands of the suspects. It is not believed the leak harmed the police investigation.

Capital region police have been investigating a fairly major organised crime case for several months, including both drug trafficking and money laundering. 

Stöð 2 reported earlier this week that sensitive information from the investigation had been leaked to those under investigation. 

Margeir Sveinsson, chief constable, told RÚV later that officers are investigating how the leak happened, where it went, and when. Margeir says he does not believe the evidence was leaked directly from the police and that it is unlikely it has damaged the investigation. He says the leak appears to centre mostly on the removal of banking secrecy. 

As well as the police, such data is also held by courts and banks, though it is strictly confidential. Stöð 2 now also has the leaked information and Margeir says police have met with journalists there about the case. 

If the leak is investigated separately, the investigation will be conducted by the district prosecutor and not the police. 

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Alexander Elliott
Project manager