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Hafnarfjörður shrank, Árneshreppur grew

03.06.2021 - 15:30
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Elsa María Guðlaugs Drífudót - RÚV
The number of people living in Hafnarfjörður has gone down by around 200 so far this year, while the biggest population increase (by percentage) is in Árneshreppur in the Westfjords—though the increase was only five people.

The data from the latest population report from Þjóðskrá Íslands (Registers Iceland) show that Reykjavík has grown by 721 people since the start of the year, Kópavogur by 439, but that Hafnarfjörður has shrunk by 203 residents.

The mayor of Hafnarfjörður says the community has grown steadily for decades and that this downturn is temporary; possibly due to people moving as a result of unemployment during the pandemic, and also because several home building projects have been delayed. She says demand remains high and that homes are not lying empty in Hafnarfjörður. 

Árneshreppur, meanwhile, is Iceland’s smallest municipality and has seen its population rise by five so far this year—or 12.5 percent. 

Tjörneshreppur in northeast Iceland also grew by five, or around nine percent. 

The biggest proportional population drops were in Ásahreppur (5.8 percent) and Fljótsdalshreppur (5.1 percent). 

The population dropped in 30 of Iceland’s 69 municipalities during the period—though the population rose in every region. Proportionally the biggest regional rise was 0.9 percent, in the Westfjords. 

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