Tunnel bomb was biggest improvised device to date

08.04.2021 - 14:51
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The investigation into a home-made bomb that was detonated inside North Iceland’s Ólafsfjarðargöng road tunnel last month is still in full swing. It was the biggest improvised device ever used for such an act in Iceland and the punishment could be up to six years’ imprisonment.

Four people were arrested in the jurisdictions of the northeast Iceland and Suðurnes police forces and all are in their 30s or 40s. They were released after questioning. 

Deputy police chief in northeast Iceland Bergur Jónsson told RÚV the investigation is going well and police are currently working to establish how big of a role each individual played in the incident. Phone records are among the evidence being used. 

“It takes a while. What we are looking at now is what part each person played in the case; that is to say whether any one played a bigger role than another. This is a case with a high punishment frame,” he said. Under article 164 of the criminal code, damage to transport infrastructure that potentially endangers lives is punishable by up to six years’ imprisonment. 

The device exploded in a lay-by where there is a container for the lighting, emergency telephone, and other systems in the tunnel. The explosion happened on 18th March and while the systems have now all been repaired, evidence of the explosion can still be seen. Bergur says it is the biggest improvised explosive device known to have been used in Iceland to date. 

The reason for the creation and detonation of the device is not totally clear, but police are reportedly investigating it as an act of vandalism rather than as an act of terrorism. 

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