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Iceland volcanic eruption could go on and on

26.03.2021 - 11:06
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 Mynd: Veðurstofa Íslands - RÚV
The lava field in Geldingadalir continues to expand steadily and will spill over into the next valley around Easter time if the flow remains constant, according to the latest Met Office prediction. The lava will be over 35 metres deep in places by then.

The lava erupting on the Reykjanes peninsula appears to be coming from a depth of 15 to 17 kilometres, which is considered unusually deep, and the flow has remained strong for nearly a whole week since the eruption began. Seismic data from the site indicates the intensity of the eruption has even been increasing in recent days, and especially overnight last night.

The Met Office has now made a lava flow forecast and, based on an eruption rate of five to six cubic metres per second, the lava field can be expected to flow over into the next valley over Easter—probably on Easter Monday (5th April). 

Early predictions were for a short eruption of one or two weeks, but it now appears this could be a much longer eruption. There are examples of fissure eruptions like this, with a direct flow from the mantle, going on for years. 

There have been no reports of injuries caused by the volcano itself, but several people have needed hospital treatment after slipping on the icy path. Dog owners are now being advised to leave dogs at home, as the volcano has polluted pools and puddles that dogs may choose to drink from. 

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