40-50 caught in prostitution sting

18.02.2021 - 11:02
Mynd með færslu
Over 40 people are now official suspects in the wake of a large police operation in December against the purchase of prostitution in the capital region.

Police monitored advertisements from 11 prostitutes for several weeks. None of the women said they were victims of human trafficking during police interviews. Their clients face fines or being summoned to court, depending on the severity of their breaches of the law.

The police operation in December set out to map the scale of prostitution in the capital. Officers started by searching for advertisements from suspected prostitutes, and worked from there. Police officer Einar Guðberg Jónsson says that between 40 and 50 people are now official suspects. 

“Some were arrested in these operations, I unfortunately don’t have the numbers, but there weren’t many. Questioning of the men who are official suspects is in its closing stages.” 

Einar Guðberg says police monitored 11 prostitution advertisements. “We spoke with several of the women who were behind the adverts. None of them in conversation with police believed themselves to be victims of anything, and not victims of trafficking, and all denied that any third party was profiting from their work. They all said they were here of their own free will. And those we spoke to admitted that they were here exclusively to offer prostitution. They were all of foreign origin, those that we spoke to.” 

Police operations of this sort are not unusual and are used to establish the status of various crimes or social problems. 

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