Three held over school attack

14.01.2021 - 12:52
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Skjáskot/Aðsent
Three people are being held by police over yesterday’s attack at Borgarholtsskóli further education college, assistant chief Margeir Sveinsson confirms. The injuries sustained in the attack were not life threatening and most of the six taken to hospital are now at home again. No decision has yet been taken on custody, as the suspects are all young and social services are working alongside police on the case.

Margeir says the police have a lot of video footage of the events, lots of witnesses have given statements, and those directly involved have been interviewed. 

Part of the investigation is to establish precisely what role each involved person played. Margeir says he has no precise details of the injuries sustained, but that most people are now home from hospital. Six were taken to Accident & Emergency following the incident yesterday. 

Borgarholtsskóli, in the Reykjavík suburb of Grafarvogur, opened as usual this morning, with counsellors on hand to help students and teachers alike. 

The events leading up to the incident remain unclear, but a video widely shared online and in the media shows teachers putting themselves in great danger attempting to calm the situation. The video also shows the very violent behaviour of one of the attackers with a baseball bat. He is said to also have been in possession of a knife, which he lost during the scuffle. 

A major police presence descended on the school; including back-up from the special forces unit of the State police. The school implemented its crisis response, calling students into classrooms and not allowing them to leave until it was clear the school was safe again. They were then sent home in groups. 

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