Athugið þessi frétt er meira en mánaðargömul.

Conserve heat as major cold snap hits, public urged

02.12.2020 - 11:32
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Rúnar Snær Reynisson - RÚV
The Veitur utilities company has put its weather contingency plan into effect, as the southwest of Iceland, including the capital region, heads into what could be its coldest few days in over seven years. The contingency plan mainly revolves around encouraging people to use hot water sparingly so that everybody has enough to heat their homes.

A statement from Veitur says that weather forecasts are used to help predict hot water usage ahead of time and that the capital region distribution network is expected to approach its limits on Friday and throughout the weekend. The coldest weather since 2013 is forecast. 

Around 90 percent of the hot water pumped from geothermal hot springs and into the city is used for heating buildings and people are therefore asked to save hot water by keeping windows closed, only opening outside doors as necessary, not using hot tubs at home, setting radiators so that they are hot at the top and cool at the bottom, and to not put things on top of radiators, such as heavy curtains or drying clothes. People with snow-melting heated driveways are also asked to turn them down a bit. 

Veitur also has technical tricks up its sleeve, including the ability to increase the heat of the water it pumps to make less of it go further. The Veitur contingency plan covers the capital and South and West Iceland.

A statement reminds people that while the capital has experienced some rather cold weather in the past week or two, the low temperatures came with calm weather. This time, it is expected to be very cold and very windy at the same time, which will make demand for heating a lot higher. 

The current forecast is for temperatures in Reykjavík below freezing on Friday and average wind of 12 metres per second. By Saturday morning the temperature could be -11°C, though much less windy. 

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