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Asphalt company wants to buy methane

29.10.2020 - 13:13
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Around half of the methane produced by the new GAJA composting centre will be sold and used in the production of asphalt in Iceland. The methane will be used instead of diesel during the production process. A memorandum of understanding has been signed to pave the way for the deal.

A joint statement from the Sorpa waste management company and Fagverk asphalt station says that the deal will take care of around half of GAJA’s methane production. A binding contract for the deal will be signed mid next year, the two companies hope. 

Helgi Þór Ingason, Sorpa CEO, says there is quite a lot of demand for methane from the GAJA station, and that this does not come as a surprise. “We are proud of it and it our honour to support what could become the greenest asphalt in the world. We have had many exciting and interesting projects for methane cross our desk recently. At the fore among them, we can name energy switch actions for freight distribution in the country,” Helgi says. 

The methane is planned to be used instead of a large amount of diesel in the operation of the Malbikstöðin asphalt plant and Fagverk. By using methane instead of diesel to produce asphalt, the companies will significantly reduce the asphalt’s carbon footprint. 

“It is important for everyone to pull their weight in that regard and we most definitely plan to do that. It’s not enough that we produce and lay high quality asphalt, but we’re aiming to have the greenest asphalt in the world. That’s something,” says Malbikstöðin CEO Baldur Þór Halldórsson. 

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Alexander Elliott
Project manager