Westman Islands flight route saved, locals hope

13.10.2020 - 10:44
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 Mynd: Ólöf Ragnarsdóttir - RÚV
Air Iceland Connect plans to start scheduled flights to the Vestmannaeyjar municipality next spring; re-opening a route it served for many years. When Eagle Air announced it was dropping the short route, Isavia handed all three permanent staff members at Vestmannaeyjar airport their notice. The national airports operator has now cancelled their notice and is postponing its decision on long-term staffing at the airport.

The decision was announced to the town council at its meeting last week. “The mayor has been in contact with representatives of the airlines in recent months, including Air Iceland Connect, on the possibility of scheduled flights to Vestmannaeyjar on commercial grounds. Air Iceland Connect management look at Vestmannaeyjar as an exciting addition to their route network and have decided to start flying to the islands next spring,” the council meeting minutes state.

Flugfélgaið Ernir (Eagle Air) announced at the start of last month that it is cancelling the island route due to poor demand caused by the national economic climate and hard competition from the State-subsidised ferry. 

Thanks to the sea, Vestmannaeyjar residents are eligible for the new system of flight discounts, despite being geographically close to the capital. That will make the town a more attractive destination for Air Iceland Connect, while questions over strike action on the Herjólfur ferry over the summer crystalised local desire to ensure continued flight connections to Reykjavík after Eagle Air pulled out. 

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Alexander Elliott
Project manager
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