Six new COVID cases, including three at university

15.09.2020 - 14:55
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 Mynd: Viðar Hákon - RÚV
Three of the six new COVID-19 infections diagnosed in Iceland yesterday were at the University of Iceland. The Háma catering service has been closed since a staff member was diagnosed. The university’s vice chancellor has been sent into quarantine alongside two others after a member of staff tested positive.

Assistant to the Director of Health, Kjartan Hreinn Njálsson says contact tracers believe it is likely more cases will come up at the country’s biggest university. Connections are still being traced and people are being sent into quarantine and Kjartan Hreinn says it is too early to tell whether there is an outbreak at the university. “Tracing is very complicated and it is too early to judge exactly how widespread it is exactly.”

Háma, located at the university’s Háskólatorg, was closed yesterday when a member of staff was diagnosed with COVID-19 and all civil protection advice and best-practice procedures have been carefully followed, a spokesperson told RÚV. 

A written message from the vice chancellor in home quarantine says that the contact tracing team assesses the risk to Háma customers as minimal and that no widespread quarantine has been called for. 

Háma is the biggest caterer on campus, selling hot food through several outlets. 

Jón Atli Benediktsson, University of Iceland vice chancellor, is in quarantine after a COVID-19 case was diagnosed among main building staff over the weekend. Two other university staff are in quarantine and the infected’s workplace has been “sanitised meticulously”.  

Six people were diagnosed with the coronavirus in Iceland yesterday. Three of them were already in quarantine. 

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