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Successful rocket launch in Iceland

16.08.2020 - 13:49
Flaug Skyrora skotið á loft 16.8.2020
 Mynd: Örlygur Hnefill Örlygsson - Ljósmynd
“It went well!” said Atli Þór Fanndal from Space Iceland (Geimvísinda- og tækniskrifstofan) after the launch of a rocket owned by the British company Skyrora on Langanes peninsula this morning.

The launch was initially scheduled for Saturday morning, but was pushed back due to weather. Atli told RÚV this was the first rocket launch in Iceland for half a century. 

The launch took place in two parts, or stages, with several seconds in between. A sizeable number of people were in the area to witness the events. The first stage flew to an altitude of six kilometres and the second peaked at 30 kilometres. Both then returned to earth, landing in the sea just offshore. 

They were equipped with tracking devices and recovered by the waiting search & rescue team, Atli says. 

Skyrora has been described as the Uber of space travel. The company develops and builds rockets designed to ferry satellites out into space. This weekend’s launch was a test flight and part of the ongoing development process. 

Atli says the launch was very significant. “Now this has succeeded and we have therefore completed the whole process needed for rocket launches in Iceland. This is a very big step, as we now have the ability to issue rocket launch licences. The goal is of course space launches.” 

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