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Coastguard crew saves tangled whale

24.04.2020 - 15:17
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Landhelgisgæslan - Aðsend mynd
The crew of the Icelandic coastguard patrol vessel Þór managed to free a whale that had become tangled in fishing gear this week, just south of the Langanes peninsula in northeast Iceland.

“The patrol vessel Þór, which was in the area, was called out and sent to the scene. The crew on board Þór began the rescue effort in cooperation with MAST (the Icelandic food and veterinary authority) when they reached the scene. Shortly afterwards, they managed to release the whale from the fishing gear of the fishing boat. After the whale was free, the crew followed it on a light boat to assess the animal’s welfare. When all the fishing gear was brought back on board the fishing boat and it was clear there was none still on the whale, the crew of Þór could re-board the patrol vessel. The whale seemed in good shape and pleased to have been freed,” a coastguard statement says. 

Earlier in the week, the crew of Þór towed a whale carcass off a beach on the Langanes peninsula and sank it out at sea. That operation was carried out because it was feared the smell of the rotting whale would adversely affect the local eider ducks as they prepare to nest. 

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