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Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Samskiptasvið - RÚV

Six composers are chosen to write songs that young kids in selected schools are asked to arrange.

Each episode deals with the entire process; from the writer delivering his work to the group to the kids performing the song in a TV studio. Every episode has an in depth interview with the composer, putting emphasis on their childhood and developing years, along with the importance of music, impressions, dreams and desires.

The kids are also interviewed and the process of them struggling to master and arrange the songs is shown. All this information is linked to music studies in an attempt to understand how the culture of children’s music has changed in recent years and decades.

We also examine and explain why music education is taught in schools and the importance of this. New ways of musical education are discussed and the diversity of children’s and adolescent’s musical culture and diversity is highlighted.

In the first episode, the viewer follows the process on how the project develops in five months and how the result pleases the writer. “It was better, more fun and cool than I had initially expected,” said Ingo, a composer. “I just sat and listened to the magic and loved what I was hearing… I got goose bumps.”


Genre: Format

Orginal title: Tónahlaup

Year: 2014

Duriation: 6 x 30 min

Producer: Bjorn Emilsson

Produced by: RÚV

Available in HD: Yes

Format: 16:9


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