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The refugees

Mynd: Karl Sigtryggsson / RÚV

Over 60 million refugees are on the run worldwide. Many of them are heading for Europe, hoping for shelter from war and persecution. What are these people running from? What does it mean to be a refugee and what does is feel like?

RUV‘s team went to Lebanon where hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees live, many under dire circumstances. And they went on the trail of those who have reached Europe, only to be met with hostility. Finally, they met with Syrians who had been offered refuge in Iceland and followed them to their new homes. 


  • Genre: Documentary
  • Orginal title: Á flótta
  • Year: 2016
  • Duriation: 1 x 46:28 min
  • Producer: Ingólfur Barni, Ragnar Santos
  • Produced by: RUV
  • Available in HD: Yes
  • Format: 16:9
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