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Ævar Vísindamaður - Mynd: RÚV / RÚV

Inquisitive children of all ages are informed and entertained as Aevar the scientist and his colleagues put anything and everything under the microscope. Experiments involve explosions, amphibious boats, leaf-blower-powered hover-boards  and insect hamburgers.

Presenter: Aevar Thor Benediktsson

  • Genre: Children
  • Orginal title: Ævar Vísindamaður
  • Sub-genres: Science
  • Year: 2015
  • Duriation: 16 episodes x 24 - 27  min
  • Producer: Eggert Gunnarsson, Ævar Þór Benediktsson
  • Produced by: RUV
  • Available in HD: Yes
  • Format: 16:9
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