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Third cauldron spotted in Dyngjujokull

09.09.2014 - 09:50
Mynd með færslu
One more cauldron (depression) has been seen in the Dyngjujokull outlet glacier, in line with the magma intrusion which is feeding the lava eruption in Holuhraun. The size of this cauldron has not been estimated yet. It was spotted Sunday, during a surveillance flight over the glacier.

Two other cauldrons have been seen; one of them 6 kilometres from the margin of Dyngjujökull, the other 10 kilometers from the margin. All three are in line with the dike intrusion in the bedrock beneath the glacier.

They are thought to have formed due to small, shortlived subglacial eruptions; so small that no increased meltwater has been detected in outlet rivers, such as the Jokulsa a Fjollum glacial river.

Three days ago, the cauldron located six km. inside the glacier, was estimated to be 35 meter deep and getting deeper. 

Below is a picture of the first cauldron spotted in Dyngjujokull. Circular crevasses are clearly visible. (Picture: Thordis Hognadottir/Institute of Earth Sciences)