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Shooters case in court today

11.01.2019 - 14:22
Mynd með færslu
The main hearing in the so-called Shooters case has started at the Reykjavík District Court today. Two men stand accused of attacking two doormen at the Shooters nightclub in Reykjavík in August. One of the doormen is now paralysed from the neck down and one of the accused has been in custody since his arrest last summer.

The first of two charges is against both men for allegedly having attacked both doormen. The second charge is against just one of the defendants against the doorman who is paralysed and relates to the repeated kicks and punches he received to his head and face. The fifth vertebrae in his spine broke in several places and his lawyers are claiming 123 million krónur in compensation. 

The defendant (30) admits to having followed the doorman into the club after the fight broke out, but says that he left again when he and the doorman fell together and the doorman hit his head against a wall. He did not attack him further, he says. 

The man also admits to attacking the other, less severely injured doorman. He says the doormen were very rude and disrespectful to the friends. They instead went to nearby Hressó, where they met some other men and eventually decided to go back to shooters. He told the court he regrets that decision as one of the worst he has ever made. He said, under questioning from his defence lawyer, that he still feels awful, has not been sleeping, and is very sorry for what happened. 

The less-injured victim told the court his life has changed for the worse since the attack: he has not been able to sleep, has lost his ability to concentrate, and has lost his job as a result. 

The former doorman explained his version of events to the court, saying that the argument arose when the men resisted an order not to go outside with their beer glasses. After the altercation, the men were asked to leave the premises, but they came back half an hour later, with backup, to attack them. 

He said he still has not come to terms with what happened to his colleague and best friend, who he describes as “like a brother”. He remains in Landspítali hospital to this day, nearly half a year later. 

The man testified that he had been in the bathroom when the men came back, apparently five or six of them, and that his friend had called for him as soon as he saw them approaching. He reportedly withdrew into the building to call for further assistance, but the men followed him in. 

CCTV footage played in court this morning showed many of the events that evening, but it is not possible to see clearly whether the accused pushed the paralysed victim or not. 

The defendant originally requested not to watch the tape, but decided to change his mind and watch along with the court and answer questions. 

Court officials and legal representatives adjourned in the middle of the day to visit the hospital and take a statement from the other victim.  

The trial continues.