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Reykjavík Polish school is ten years old

16.10.2018 - 14:10
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 Mynd: Þór Ægisson - RÚV
Students and teachers at the Polish school in Reykjavík this weekend celebrated its tenth anniversary. It is important to know your roots and to be proud of being Polish, the school’s head said.

Teaching at the Polish school takes place on Saturdays at Fellaskóli school in Breiðholt, where the birthday party was held in the gymnasium. The party started with the Polish and Icelandic national anthems, followed by speeches, dancing, cakes, and games. 

“We have now 362 kids in the school and 27 classes, and about 34 teachers,” says head teacher Monika Franciszka Sienkiewicz. 

“We teach our language and culture. We try to bring all the children together and show them what Poland is and what we learned when we were little,” says teacher Ilona Chrzanowska. 

“I learn about kings, I learn Polish, and then I also learn about nature,” adds Olivia Śliczner, a student at the school. 

“It’s very important that we don’t cut out our roots, that we are still in contact with them, and show our roots to our kids so they can be proud and show them this is not something that they should be ashamed of,” Monika says.  

“I enjoy it all, but I especially find it fun to see my friends. I have met so many here at the school and, yeah, I really like it,” says Aleksandra Jasielska, who studies at the Polish school. 

Saturday students at the Polish school attend regular schools with their Icelandic counterparts Monday to Friday.

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