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Long sentence requested in Shooters case

29.01.2019 - 11:20
Mynd með færslu
The main hearing in the trial of two men over the assault of two doormen at Shooters nightclub in Reykjavík last August is now over. The prosecutor is calling for a sentence of over four years for one of the suspects accused of causing one of the doormen lifelong paralysis below the neck. The prosecutor is calling for at least a six-to-nine-month sentence for the other man.

At least four men were involved in the attack on the two doormen, even though only two were ever found and charged. The prosecutor claims the men deliberately decided to go and attack the doormen as revenge for having been asked to leave Shooters earlier in the evening. The defence insists the men are innocent of the most serious charges, saying they should have been charged with a less serious crime. 

The hearing started two weeks ago and the second part took place yesterday. The first witness of the day was a consultant at Landspítali hospital who confirmed it was immediately clear the man had little chance of ever regaining full movement. 

The doctor confirmed it is possible for such injuries to be exacerbated by movement of the patient, but a doorman from a nearby venue who was first on scene told the court he refused to move the man, who was conscious at the time, before an ambulance arrived. A man who was with the attackers on the night in question said in telephone testimony that he does not remember much about the night, but that he does not remember the men organising a premeditated attack. 

The paramedic who was first on the scene said the man was not complaining of any pain other than in his upper arm and shoulder and was asking to be helped up. The paramedic told the court he stopped trying to move the man when it quickly became clear his pain was increasing. The second paramedic to arrive carried out tests, including a sharp prick to the fingertip, that the injured man could not feel. It was therefore clear the injuries were more serious than first thought. 

The judge, prosecution and defence lawyers, and court staff took a short trip to Shooters as part of proceedings yesterday, as the nightclub is on the same street at the court. One of the defendants went as well, but set off ahead of the others.  

The judge has up to four weeks to make a verdict in the case.