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Iceland to perform 13th at Eurovision

02.04.2019 - 15:31
Hatari í Úrslitum Söngvakeppninnar
 Mynd: Mummi Lú
Iceland will perform 13th in the first semi-final show at the Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday 14th May, it has today been revealed.

It was already known that Iceland would be in the second half of the first of two semi-finals, but the precise running order was not drawn until today. 

Hatari will be the fourth act after the commercial break and is one of 18 songs that evening. They will perform after Australia and before Estonia.

Finland is the only other Nordic nation with Iceland in the first semi-final, which means that the other three Nordic nations will be televoting that evening (not that cultural geography should have anything to do with Eurovision voting, of course). 

Aggregate statistics of odds being offered by Europe’s biggest bookmakers predict Iceland a sixth place finish at the competition this year. 

This year is the fourth in a row that Iceland is drawn to perform in the first semi-final and Pollapönk, in 2014, was the last Icelandic act to make it into the Saturday night Grand Final. 

Six nations are already assured participation in the Saturday show: hosts Israel, plus the ‘Big Five’ that contribute the most money to the show; France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. 

Though performing 13th might be seen as a bad omen by some superstitious people, it seems to fit rather well with Hatari’s unusual Euro-hit. Icelanders are already looking forward hopefully to their first Grand Final since 2014 and many hope to win outright. 

A sixth-place finish, as predicted by bookies, would be the country’s fourth-best-ever Eurovision result. Iceland has never won, but finished second in 1999 and 2009. Is a good showing something that will happen every ten years? Watch this space...

See the official video for Hatrið mun sigra, complete with English subtitles, below.