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A flyover at Holuhraun lavafield - video

14.09.2014 - 19:22
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The video is taken from the northern margin of the lava field; in the background the steam from the fissure is visible, some 20 kilometers away. The dark patches are active lava outbreaks; newer lava coming from beneath the frozen crust. This video was taken by volcanologist Bryndis Brandsdottir.

The lava field at Holuhraun is estimated to cover at least 24.5 square kilometers (yesterday´s estimate). The volume of the lava output is estimated to be at least 0.2 cubic kilometers (200 million cubic meters).

In the video, taken with a camera-drone, the Kverkfjoll mountain range are clearly visible, as well as the westernmost branch of the Jokulsa a Fjollum glacial river, as it run from the Dyngjujokull glacier. The river flows along side the eastern margin of the lava field, which has not yet dammed the riverbranch. The margin of the lava field is currently not advancing, due to the decreasing volcanic intensity in the fissure. 

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