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"Stop returning refugee children to Greece"

01.10.2022 - 13:12
epa08268656 Migrants clash with Greek police officers as they attempt to cross the closed-off Greek-Turkish border in Kastanies, Greece, 04 March 2020. Thousands of refugees and migrants are gathering on the Turkish side of the border with Greece with the intention of crossing into the European Union following the Turkish government's decision to loosen controls on migrant flows after the death of 33 Turkish soldiers killed in an attack Syria in February.  EPA-EFE/DIMITRIS TOSIDIS
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Two children and their families are among the asylum seekers the Icelandic authorities are planning to send back to Greece. The Red Cross is calling for the children’s human rights to be respected and that the people not be deported.

Iceland is preparing to return around 40 asylum seekers to Greece in the coming weeks, according to Red Cross lawyer Áslaug Björnsdóttir. She is working with the Red Cross and other organisations calling for the deportations to be cancelled.

“A request has been issued by Útlendingastofnun (the Directorate of Immigration) to the chief of the state police and among those 40 individuals are two children.”

RÚV’s Kveikur programme two years ago shone a light on the poor conditions refugees face in Greece as they try to move to a better life in Europe. Áslaug reiterates how children are treated, saying that a large proportion of children who come to Iceland after spending time in Greece have health problems that can be traced to the conditions they faced there.

“They don’t have the same access as Greek children to education, they are segregated from Greek children in school. Then it is also vert difficult for refugees and people to get housing and work; both because of racism and low availability for them. And then they get no stipend from the authorities. They cannot support themselves,” Áslaug says.

Calling for children’s welfare to be top priority

It is not known where the people came from originally, or how long they have been in Iceland. The Red Cross has repeatedly called for the authorities to stop sending children back to Greece. Áslaug says the message now is the same as always:

“Just that the Icelandic authorities follow the international agreements they are bound by, and Icelandic laws, which state that the child’s best interests should be prioritised always and that the child’s interests are at the fore when decisions are taken on the child’s behalf.”

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