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Red weather warning for Sunday

24.09.2022 - 18:32
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Veðurstofa Íslands - Skjáskot
The Met Office has upgraded its weather warning for tomorrow once again. A rare red weather warning come into effect for the East Fjords at midday on Sunday, while the rest of the north and east stays at orange. Meanwhile, the extension of a yellow alert to the southwest means that all parts of Iceland are affected by warnings.

The civil protection agency has also elevated its state of alert due to the weather. The following civil protection alerts are in effect for tomorrow: an uncertainty alert for Northwest Iceland, Northeast Iceland, and East Iceland; and  danger alert for South Iceland.

People in all regions should secure loose items and remain vigilant to flying debris. Travel conditions may be very difficult in areas affected by yellow alerts—especially for high-sided vehicles. Non-essential travel should be totally avoided in areas with orange warnings. And people are advised to stay indoors while under red warning conditions.

Meteorologist Eiríkur Örn Jóhannesson says storm or gale conditions will affect East Iceland tomorrow, with potentially violent weather in places. Damage is quite likely, he says.

Vegagerðin, the road and coastal administration, forecasts gusts up to 50-60 metres per second on some roads in the east.

“Due to this, there is a chance of road closures, among others including: Route 1 from Kirkjubæjarklaustur and east to Djúpivogur. For a time there will also be gusty weather in Mýrdalur by Eyjafjöll,” a Vegagerðin statement reads.

Mud slides could precede rapid cooling

Yellow weather alerts will affect the entirety of Iceland before the worst of the weather strikes the east tomorrow. Conditions are already stormy and will worsen this evening and overnight.

According to the Met Office, rain this evening will be short-lived but torrential in places. There is an elevated risk of landslides in the western half of the country.

After midnight, rain will die out and temperatures will drop fast, lessening the risk of landslides.

Sleet and snow are possible tomorrow—especially on higher ground. High winds and icy conditions, combined with the fact that all vehicles should still be on summer tyres, make the weather warnings all the more important. This is not a good weekend for travel.

The forecast for Monday calls for widespread sunshine and calm conditions in the west, though still blustery in the east.

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