First autumn storm: weather warnings this weekend

23.09.2022 - 17:33
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Veðurstofan - Skjáskot
The Met Office has issued yellow weather alerts for all regions of Iceland, apart from the far south, this weekend. There will be high winds and lots of rain. The Met Office notes that the alert might yet be raised to an orange warning.

The alerts start kicking in from the west early Saturday afternoon, reaching the east by the evening.

Meteorologist Birta Líf Kristinsdóttir says the worst of the weather will be in East Iceland on Sunday, but that Saturday will bring stormy conditions to the west and the north.

“We are issuing alerts both for tomorrow and then for Sunday. We can really say that the worst weather this weekend will be in the east on Sunday. That doesn’t change the fact that there is windy weather or storm conditions on the cards tomorrow, in the west and north of the country, and there will be weather alerts in line with that,” Birta says.

She adds that this is the first real autumn low this year and that the weather alert is particularly important as a result: “People have got quite used to this good weather we’ve had in September, so it’s worth drawing attention to this.” Birta calls on people to secure loose objects—not least trampolines.

Snow or sleet is likely in some areas

On Sunday morning, the wind will turn to the north and northwest, bring a sudden drop in temperatures. Warnings for the east and northeast anticipate wind speeds of up to 28 metres per second on Sunday. “This weather on Sunday will be a step above tomorrow’s. Therefore, we’re following it closely. It can’t be ruled out that those weather warnings will turn orange as the time approaches,” Birta says.

She calls it a ‘traditional trampoline low’, meaning a storm that hits in autumn, catching some people unaware and taking their trampolines, barbecues, and garden furniture with it as a result. Trampolines can be particularly dangerous, as they are big and can be blown long distances.

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