Terror attack foiled in Iceland

22.09.2022 - 17:00
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Bragi Valgeirsson - RÚV
In a large operation, the first of its kind in Iceland, police say they have foiled a potential terror attack against the public and state institutions. 

The operation, conducted yesterday in the capital region involving state police special forces, four Icelandic men in their twenties were arrested. They are under suspicion of attempting to produce guns, using 3D printers, and intending to sell them. They are also suspected of planning an attack against the public and against state institutions, possibly including Alþingi and the police. 

Two of the men have been remanded in custody while the other two were released after questioning. The police operation yesterday was the first of its kind, says Karl Steinar Valsson, superintendent at the Icelandic state police. 

The police are not excluding the possiblity that the men have connections to radical organisations abroad, and are now consulting with police authorities in other countries, as well as Europol. Says superintendent Valsson: "We are activating all our international networks, simply because we are facing events and plans that are beyond the scope that we have dealt with before, so of course we look to others when we need to."

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