Armed police raids "avert dangerous situation"

21.09.2022 - 19:29
Mynd með færslu
Myndin er úr safni. Mynd: RÚV
State police special forces today arrested four men in connection to organised crime and major weapons law breaches. Capital region police are also taking part in the investigation, though it is overseen by the state police.

Under law, mots crimes are investigated by regional police services. The state police force is in charge of investigating all crimes relating to treason, offenses against the government or the institutions of state. A brief press release notes only that a dangerous situation has been averted.

The statement continues that two of the four men arrested were considered armed and dangerous, and that it was fortunate nobody got hurt.

The first news of the operation broke when Fréttablaðið received a video from a member of the public showing a particularly dramatic arrest taking place at Holtasmári in Kópavogur.

Several hours later, it was confirmed that special forces were also at work in an industrial area of Mosfellsbær.

No details on the subject of the investigation have been released, but it is obvious the situation was serious, based on the police statement that a dangerous situation had been averted. According to RÚV sources, it was felt there was an urgent need to carry out the operation immediately.

“The scene of the operations has been secured, a dangerous situation averted, and the police operation was major, and activities took place widely across the capital region, including at Holtasmári in Kópavogur and an industrial area in Mosfellsbær. The arrests are abovementioned actions of the police today are part of an ongoing police investigation,” the state police statement says.

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