Grímsey earthquake swarm petering out

20.09.2022 - 19:36
Mynd með færslu
Varðskipið Þór við Grímsey 13. september Mynd: Landhelgisgæslan
The level of seismic activity off the coast of North Iceland is reducing slowly but surely.

Over 21,000 earthquakes have shaken the island of Grímsey since the swarm began on the 8th September. The biggest quake was Magnitude 4.9 and very clearly felt by the island's residents.

At the peak of activity there were some thousand quakes registered each day, leaving the islanders shaken, both literally and figuratively. The coastguard patrol vessel Þór anchored offshore to provide some sense of security, just in case evacuation became necessary.

The number of quakes has now diminished to just a few hundred a day. The biggest in the past two days was of Magnitude 3.2 at 04.37 yesterday morning.

The civil protection agency issued an uncertainty alert over the earthquake swarm on the 9th September. That alert remains in force today.

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