State of emergency declared at the border

16.09.2022 - 12:07
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: RÚV
The National Police has declared in a statement a state of emergency at the country's border due to the number of refugees arriving here. The number of places to stay is practically exhausted, and the Border Service expects the number of refugees to increase further in the year's final months. So far, 2,718 people have applied for international protection, an unprecedented number in Iceland's history. Most of the refugees are from Ukraine. 

Since the Russian invasion began in late February, 1,646 Ukrainian citizens have applied for international protection in Iceland. The next largest group are the citizens of Venezuela, which are 537. In third place are Palestinians, and there are 119 of them here.

"The sustained and ever-increasing workload of the services involved in receiving applicants for international protection requires the strengthening of the reception system," - the announcement from the National Police Headquarters reads. 
Short-term and long-term residence facilities are overcrowded, and the police estimate that the number of applicants will further increase during the last four months of this year. "Raising the state of alert to a state of emergency is necessary for today. It will increase the resources needed to gather information, analyse, and provide information to applicants for international protection. We need to ensure the flow of information between responders and the public." 
The state of emergency ensures that the mass intervention centre can be activated quickly. If all resources are exhausted, it will be possible to provide everyone with service and refuge. 

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