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Describes discrimination and bad experience in Iceland

12.08.2022 - 14:00
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 Mynd: Bjarni Rúnars - RÚV
Chris Jastrzembski, a former Selfoss football player, told Polish newspaper Przeglad Sportowy that he was subjected to discrimination while staying in Iceland. The 25-year-old Jastrzembski played nine games with the Selfoss Lengjudeild league but was released in July. 

In an interview with the Polish newspaper, he says that Iceland is the worst country he has ever been to and that he will never come here again. 
“I’m never going back there. Many Poles live in Iceland and are fine people, but I had a terrible experience with the Icelanders. I do not recommend anyone to go there. The company treated me worse because I have a Polish passport,” Jastrzembski said. 
He says Icelanders, including his teammates and coaches at Selfoss, have mistreated him because he is Polish. 
Jastrzembski says in the interview that his superior at Selfoss, among other things, said after he fell down a ladder that it wouldn't matter if he were to die because he is Polish and can therefore be replaced by several other Poles. 
“I asked a woman to hold a ladder for me. Then the coach came in and said I didn't need any help because there wasn't much wind. The woman walked away, and I fell. She was upset and apologised, but I said it was no big deal because it could happen to anyone. Then the coach said something I did not understand to her in Icelandic. The woman then told me that he said I was only Polish. If I were to die, there would be many Poles who could replace me".

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