28 media outlets apply for support

04.08.2022 - 23:08
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Brynjólfur Þór Guðmundsson - RÚV
28 applications were received by the parliamentary media committee for financial support to privately-run media outlets this year. The application deadline passed on Tuesday, for support worth a total of over 380 million krónur.

This is the second year that privately-owned media outlets can apply for public funding, under the new media law. Last year, 19 companies received funding from the 23 which applied.

A special allocation committee goes over the applications and assesses whether the applicants fulfil the conditions of the law, which include that the outlet is registered with the media committee, and that it has at least three full-time-equivalent positions in content production -- apart from local outlets, where one is sufficient.

Financial support is based on wage costs and the cost of contractors directly related to news content. Under the law, the support cannot exceed 25 percent of an outlet's total costs, and no one outlet can receive over 25 percent of the total pot.

Last year, three outlets received significantly more than others; as the biggest private media outlets in the country: Árvakur hf. (Morgunblaðið), Sýn (Stöð 2, Vísir, and Bylgjan), and Torg (Fréttablaðið and DV) -- each receiving over 81 million krónur.

This year's 28 applicants are:

  • Árvakur hf.
  • Birtíngur útgáfu­fé­lag ehf.
  • Bænda­sam­tök Íslands
  • Elísa Guð­rún ehf.
  • Eyja­sýn ehf.
  • Fót­bolti ehf.
  • Fröken ehf.
  • Hönn­un­ar­húsið ehf.
  • Kjarn­inn miðlar ehf.
  • Let­ur­stofan Vest­manna­eyjum ehf.
  • MD Reykja­vík ehf.
  • Myllu­setur ehf.
  • N4 ehf.
  • Nor­dic Times Media ehf.
  • Nýprent ehf.
  • Prent­met Oddi ehf.
  • Saga­Net - Útvarp Saga ehf.
  • Skessu­horn ehf.
  • Snasa­brún ehf.
  • Sól­ar­tún ehf.
  • Stein­prent ehf.
  • Sýn hf.
  • Torg ehf.
  • Tunnan prent­þjón­usta ehf.
  • Útgáfu­fé­lag Aust­ur­lands ehf.
  • Útgáfu­fé­lagið ehf.
  • Útgáfu­fé­lagið Stundin ehf.
  • Vík­ur­fréttir ehf.

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