Íslandsbanki report later in August

02.08.2022 - 20:53
Mynd: Skjáskot / RÚV
The state auditor aims to submit his delayed report to Alþingi, into the sale of state-held shares in Íslandsbanki, later during August than reported last month. The auditor says work on the report has gone well, but that it is bigger and more detailed than anticipated.

Finance minister Bjarni Benediktsson called on the state auditor’s office in April to compile a report into whether the privatisation of state-owned shares completed on 22nd March took place in accordance with the law, and in the spirit of good public sector/government conduct. The opposition wanted an Alþingi inquiry into the sale, but the idea was rejected by the governing parties.

State auditor Guðmundur Björgvin Helgason told RÚV today that the report, originally expected in June, will now be sent to parliament in August. The analysis is wide-ranging and multifaceted, and many factors can affect the work, such as data compilation and analysis. As well as this, the summer holiday season has also slowed down work.

Such reports would usually take six-to-eight months, but under the circumstances, the office wanted to complete it much quicker. As a result, Guðmundur Björvin is unwilling to describe the report as delayed; saying the work is simply very time consuming.

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