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Borgarlínan pushed back one year

30.06.2022 - 10:28
Mynd: RÚV - Sigurður Þórisson / RÚV
The planned opening of the first phase of the Borgarlínan mass transit system has been pushed back by one year. Under the new plan, phase one will open in 2026, rather than 2025 as previously planned. Davíð Þorláksson, managing director of Betri samgöngur (Better Transport), says there are many reasons for the delay and that the new timetable is more realistic. He hopes there will be no further delays.

“The further the project progresses, the fewer unknowns there are, and the timetable will be more precise. The timing plan for the first phase is being updated. The leg from Hamraborg down to central Reykjavík is delayed by one year.”

Davíð says there are various reasons, including that the project is technically more complicated than thought, but first and foremost, that the original plan was simply unrealistic. “It needs to be harmonised with other developments. During development periods, this will cause some traffic jams in the capital area. We need to harmonise this, for example, with development of the tunnels on Miklabraut and Sæbraut, and so on. There are various things that mean plans are changing. This is not a decision taken to push back, but rather it is the result of conditions.”

Work starts this autumn

Borgarlínan will come into existence in several stages. Work on a bridge over Fossvogur starts this year and will be complete in 2024. All sections will be handed straight over to capital region municipalities or Vegagerðin for operation. That means each phase can become useful immediately even though Borgarlínan express buses will not start running on the network until 2026.

Davíð says he is confident the new schedule will work and that the first stage of the network will go into use in four years. “This is a much more realistic plan than the former and I put great faith in it holding.”

Borgarlínan will be a system of large, fast buses running between major travel interchanges in the capital region on specially built private roads. The existing bus network will continue to operate, bringing passengers to the terminals, as Borgarlínan buses will not stop en-route between stations.

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