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Black Sand Beach to get flashing lights

29.06.2022 - 09:43
Mynd: Vegagerðin / RÚV
Vegagerðin (the road and coastal administration) is working on a new powered sign for Reynisfjara (known to tourists as Black Sand Beach) in South Iceland. The sign will flash red when sea conditions are particularly dangerous. Vegagerðin has used police incident records to decide what height of waves represent an elevated danger to visitors.

Vegagerðin started working on wave height modelling for Reynisfjara five years ago, upon receipt of a grant from the tourism sites development fund. That model is available on the Vegagerðin website, says Fannar Gíslason, the head of the agency’s harbours division.

Colour coded danger

“With this, we can predict with some certainty beforehand how wave conditions will be. And that is already going on the Vegagerðin website and is available there. The danger has been colour coded with green, yellow, and red depending on how much danger there is from waves at Reynisfjara,” Fannar explains.

A warning sign is being made, with flashing lights to warn visitors. It will be setup alongside all the existing warning signs between the car park and the beach. Red lights will warn of danger, but there will be no green lights when waves are at their calmest.

“There will just be flashing yellow warning lights and then red when conditions are bad. It’s starting out like that at least. We plan to see how it goes: whether people notice it,” adds Fannar.

Fannar expects the lights and explanatory sign will be installed within three weeks. The use of the lights is partly based on police incident reports and diary entries: “It matches very well the forecast today and the colour code we have going on now. We are also going to set up a camera system. That way we can visually monitor how the waves are behaving close to the land, not only with the points on the wave forecast. Can also calibrate the model that way,” Fannar concludes.

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