Covid restrictions return to hospital

16.06.2022 - 14:23
Mynd: Grímur Jón Sigurðsson / RÚV
Landspítali national university hospital in Reykjavík is reintroducing restrictions due to the increasing number of COVID-19 patients being admitted.

Inpatients will be permitted no more than one visitor per hour during visiting times, and all hospital staff must wear face masks at work, according to a statement from the Landspítali epidemics and urgent response board.

There are currently 30 covid patients at Landspítali, including two in intensive care, one on a ventilator. The rise in patient numbers is in line with the rising infection rate in society.

Chief epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason says covid restrictions in society, outside hospital, are not likely to be imposed as things stand today.

The COVID-19 infection spike at the moment, around 200 confirmed cases a day, is primarily affecting people who have not had the virus before. Only around five percent of confirmed diagnoses are in people who have had covid before.

Þórólfur therefore calls on people to maintain personal protection measures such as hand sanitising, and for vulnerable people to consider the use of face masks. Unvaccinated people and those invited for boosters are specifically encouraged to get the jab.

Most of those in hospital with the virus are over 70 years of age and those who have had four injections are generally less sick than those who are less well vaccinated.

“It is very clear there is no appetite for any restrictions in society, or anywhere. It is the government that takes the final decision on such things,” Þórólfur adds.

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