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Convicted sex offender was arrested after online trap

20.05.2022 - 10:00
Héraðsdómur Reykjaness
 Mynd: Þórgunnur Oddsdóttir
A man was yesterday convicted to six years in prison for the sexual abuse of five girls of school age. He was initially arrested after a court-sanctioned trap laid online last November.

The police were granted permission to take over one of the girl’s phones and to continue communicating with the man (who has a family of his own) on Snapchat. Two days later, he was arrested and a house search at his home in Reykjavík led to suspicion of crimes committed against an additional 19 girls.

This information was revealed when the Reykjanes District Court made its ruling and related documentation public online yesterday. The document runs to 61 pages.

The ruling references, among other things, the testimony of a police officer who worked extensively on the case. He described how large the investigation was and how the accused man had been running some sort of scored competition with the girls, giving them points when they sent him sexual pictures—with more points for more explicit images.

The man told the court he had seen such a “game” played in different countries, where “players” needed to send more graphic pictures in order to reach higher “levels”.

The police officer said the man had asked many girls to meet him and that the man has probably committed crimes against 19 girls, in addition to the five this court case related to.

Another police officer who spoke in court said police had compiled a list of around a hundred kennitölur of girls the man had communicated with, explaining that the man had engaged in communication of a sexual nature with around 240 females; including 110 who were underage.

The District Court considered that the man had been guilty of three rapes and a string of other serious sexual abuses that have had serious negative consequences for the emotional/mental health of the girls.

The ruling stated that the man showed no acknowledgment of the importance of the girls’ interests and little regard for the impacts his actions could have on their emotional health. “The man has no mitigating circumstances [to call upon],” the court concluded.

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