Iceland “perfectly placed” in Eurovision

14.05.2022 - 11:11
Mynd: EBU / EBU
Systur, the Icelandic act at the Eurovision Song Contest, will perform 18th on stage in the Grand Final in Torino, Italy, tonight. Experts consider it is usually best to perform in the second half of the show, and one (not hugely scientific) calculation indicate 18th is the best performance slot to have.

Systur will perform Með hækkandi sól sandwiched between the songs Die Together (from Greece) and Trenuleţul (from Moldova). Both are very different and the contrast may work in Iceland’s favour. 

A majority of winning acts in Eurovision history have performed in the second half of the show (though the opposite is true since 2013). 

“Expert” calculation on one of the Eurovision websites RÚV diligently follows reveals that there is historically no better performing position than 18th, should a nation wish to win the competition. Iceland is performing 18th tonight. 

If the bookmakers of Europe are to be believed, however, the most likely nations to win this year are Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, or Italy. Iceland is tipped to finish in around 16th spot. 

When both Sweden and Finland advanced to the final on Thursday evening, it became clear that four of the five Nordic nations would participate in the Grand Final, with only Denmark missing out. All entering nations, including those knocked out in the semi-finals, will be able to vote in the Grand Final, however. 

As well as Sweden and Finland, Thursday’s second semi-final also saw Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Australia, Romania, Belgium, and Serbia advance to the final. 

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