Akureyri parents asked for anti-fighting help

13.05.2022 - 13:57
Mynd: Ólafur Gros / RÚV
The Eyjafjörður child protection agency, Akureyrarbær municipality, and the Northeast Iceland police have this week taken the unusual step of sending a joint letter to all parents of schoolchildren in Akureyri about what it described as a wave of violence among young people. Parents are encouraged to talk with their children about responsibility and the danger posed by physical fighting.

The letter states that there has been a spate of youth violence in recent months, and that videos on social media depicting fights have been shared among Akureyri children. The videos show repeated punching and kicking, which is a clear health and safety danger. Participants in the videos are most often children of grunnskóli age (6-16). 

The letter calls on parents and guardians to work with local authorities to reverse what appears to be a widespread belief among young people that physical violence is a normal, and even desirable, behavioural trait. They are asked to discuss the dangers of violence with their children, and the importance of telling the police if they witness or hear about any fights. 

“We ask parents and guardians to talk with young people about the responsibility and danger that comes with taking part in fights. To emphasise to them the responsibility associated with being a spectator or by-stander when such violence takes place. It is important to emphasise to young people not to take part in such fighting videos,” the letter states. 

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