Candidate standing against her will

11.05.2022 - 15:56
Mynd: Fréttir / Fréttir
The Reykjavík elections supervision committee has passed a case concerning Reykjavík besta borgin (one of the 11 lists standing for election this weekend) to the district prosecutor. One of the people on the list of candidates claims to be there against her will, and says her signature was forged.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir is a former Member of Alþingi for Píratar (the Pirates)--a party which is also standing for election in Reykjavík this Saturday. Birgitta is known internationally for her work as a free-speech activist, particularly in connection to her work with Wikileaks. 

She is registered in 24th place on the Reykjavík besta borgin (Reykjavík the Best City) candidates list for the local election. 24th spot is an honorary position on the list, as it would be all-but impossible for her to be elected to the city council from the bottom of the list—especially as the party in question is polling 11th out of 11 and looks highly unlikely to have even its top candidate elected. 

Nevertheless, the case is being treated seriously, as Birgitta revealed last week that she was surprised to see her name on the list of candidates. She says she is not knowingly standing for election to Reykjavík city council. When the signed paperwork confirming her candidacy was made public this week, her reaction was unequivocal: that signature has been forged. 

The elections committee called besta borgin leaders and Birgitta to a meeting today to discuss the matter. 

The chair of the committee, Eva Bryndís Helgadóttir, told RÚV this afternoon: “We do not have the legal right to take candidates off party lists, as Birgitta has requested. We decided therefore to hear her point of view on the matter and it was decided to take it further and pass it on to the district prosecutor.” 

Under law, election supervisory committees must have ballot papers ready at least seven days before polling day. As a result, Birgitta Jónsdóttir will be on the candidate list for Reykjavík besta borgin this Saturday, however the case turns out in the end. 

According to Eva Bryndís, the party leaders say they know nothing of the alleged forgery and are going to investigate what happened. Birgitta is adamant she did not sign the document. “It’s one person’s word against another,” Eva Bryndís says. 

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