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Children petition council for lights

17.01.2022 - 15:04
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Kristinn Þeyr Magnússon - RÚV
A group of children in Mosfellsbær have sent a petition to the local council calling for lighting and AstroTurf for their beloved football pitch.

With the short hours of daylight all occurring during school time in midwinter, the children use headlamps to play football on their real-grass pitch, which is frequently waterlogged, slushy, or muddy at this time of year.

Asked why they don’t simply go home and play on their computers; the children say they love the outdoor play—whatever the weather. Mosfellsbær council debated the request last week and referred it to the planning and environment department for an opinion. It will likely come back before the council two weeks from now and the kids could potentially have their lights in time for next winter.

Þórdís Lára Rebora, Lóa Birna Bogadóttir, and their friends, say:

"We played through the covid period with headlamps. And we have written a letter to the council.” 

What did the letter say?

“That we want to have AstroTurf and lampposts.”

But why were you playing here during covid?

“Because practice was sometimes cancelled. And we also sometimes play here after practice.”

Are the kids in this neighbourhood very enthusiastic about football?

“Yes, very!”

And did you go out in the neighbourhood asking for signatures?


And were people with you?

“Yes. Only one woman said no.” 

How is it playing football with headlamps?

“It’s fine, though uncomfortable getting it [the light] in your eyes.”

But when you score a goal, do you see the ball go in the net?

"Yes. Sometimes but not always.”

Can you always be bothered to go out and play?

“Yes. No matter what the weather.”

Isn’t it more fun to stay home and play on your tablet?


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