ICE-SAR helping at hospital

14.01.2022 - 14:07
Mynd: RÚV / RÚV
Landspítali national university hospital will be given funding to pay for extra staff hours in the coming month to ensure it is well-staffed while the highest-pressure period of the pandemic so far passes, the government agreed this morning. Members of Landsbjörg (the ICE-SAR search & rescue organisation) will also be drafted in to help oversee patients, the government website confirms.

The acting director of Landspítali says the hospital needs 200 extra nurses to cope with the predicted pressure of this latest wave of infection. There has never been a higher proportion of existing hospital staff on sick leave. The situation in Akureyri is also bad, as all wards are full and the hospital is sharing manpower with Landspítali.  

Over a dozen staff from the Kliníkin private clinic are currently working for Landspítali to strenghthen its operation and talks are underway with other private agencies to potentially share healthcare staff. 

The healthcare back-up team was reactivated in October, making qualified staff who have retired or moved to other fields available as cover. Rules on isolation have also been clarified and isolation shortened in many cases.  

Work is underway to temporarily increase the number of nursing home places for people who have finished hospital treatment but cannot go home. A 10-bed ward opened at Eir in December and others are in the works. 

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