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No New Year's bonfires in capital region

17.12.2021 - 16:22
Mynd: RÚV / RÚV
For the second year in a row, there will be no public New Year's Eve bonfires in the capital region.

This was decided by the capital region civil protection executive committee today. The reason given in a press release is the existing anti-contagion measures and the high number of covid cases in society. The fires are very popular and, even though they take place outdoors, it is irresponsible for municipalities to encourage large groups to gather during the pandemic.

"The eight [capital city] municipalities realise the decision might cause disappointment for many, but it is important for us to work together and reduce the number of infections, among other things by avoiding crowds and celebrating the holidays in smaller groups," the statement reads.

Municipal bonfires usually take place in the evening on New Year's Eve and are popular with young families. Iceland's famous fiesta of new year's fireworks, meanwhile, is in the hands of private citizens in streets and back gardens across the country. This takes place closer to midnight and is likely to go ahead largely as normal--if NYE 2020 is anything to go by.

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