Athugið þessi frétt er meira en 2 mánaða gömul.

Omicron patient had booster

02.12.2021 - 11:50
Mynd með færslu
 Mynd: Grímur Jón Sigurðsson - RÚV
22 people are currently receiving COVID-19 treatment at Landspítali national university hospital. Nine are not vaccinated, nine have had both initial injections, and four have also had their third booster shot; including the man diagnosed with the Omicron variant yesterday.

All four of the covid patients who have had their boosters, one of whom is in intensive care, are over the age of 70.

The latest data suggest that the booster shot does, nevertheless, provide much more powerful protection from the virus, according to the chief epidemiologist. 

143 people tested positive in Iceland yesterday; including 136 domestically and seven in border testing. 46 percent of domestic diagnoses yesterday were already in quarantine. 

“I think if we take this over a bit of a longer period, then we are nudging slowly but surely down, though we have these variations day to day, it’s going slowly,” Þórólfur Guðnason, chief epidemiologist, said yesterday, before the presence of the Omicron variant in Iceland had been confirmed. 

He said around 80 percent of people invited for boosters in and before November have now had the third injection. The proportion of the nation, aged 12 and over, that has had at least two shots yesterday topped 90 percent, after many weeks at 89 percent. 

“We are getting information about [the boosters]. We have been meeting with colleagues in Europe yesterday and all the new data suggest that the third shot is much better than number two—though we don’t know how long it will last. But I think this should tell us that we should all go for the third injection, and clearly for the vaccination in general. It will be the deciding factor in this pandemic and its consequences, clearly,” the chief epidemiologist said. 

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