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First mass layoff since August

02.12.2021 - 15:57
Unnur Sverrisdóttir
 Mynd: RÚV - Skjáskot
Vinnumálastofnun (the Directorate of Labour) was notified of one mass redundancy during the month of November, in which 14 people lost their jobs at an employer in the specialist technological/scientific sector. The head of the Directorate, Unnur Sverrisdóttir, says it was the first collective redundancy in Iceland since August.

It was the eighth mass layoff reported so far this year, following two in February, one in April, two in June, and two in August.

A mass lay-off is counted as ten or more redundancies in 30 days at an employer that usually has 20-100 workers, ten percent or more of the workforce at employers that usually have 100-300 employees, or 30 or more people at employers larger than 300. 

The registered unemployment rate in Iceland was 4.9 percent in October. The figures for November have not yet been released, though Unnur says she feels the situation probably got slightly better in November, rather than worse. There were a lot of new appointments in the hospitality sector, for example, following a wave of lay-offs last year. 

“There will probably be some more appointments there in December,” Unnur says. “The hospitality sector has recovered a lot.” 

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